Absolute Healing Day




Due to the Corona regulations, we are currently not offering this day!

On this day you are in focus and take time to clean­se your ent­i­re body sys­tem, expand your awa­reness and incre­a­se your love! Whe­ther alo­ne, with friends, fami­ly or as a gift for a loved one – this day is a spe­cial one and will be remem­be­red! Enjoy living raw food medi­ci­nal deli­caci­es, get to know this diet and what its healing powers and effects bring with it. Refu­el yourself with new ener­gy and bring yourself into balan­ce with the Spi­rit-Ener­gy-Move. Learn about medi­ta­ti­on, spi­ri­tu­al healing, power­ful ener­gy breat­hing tech­ni­ques and how you can streng­t­hen your own divi­ne approach. With the con­clu­ding light music con­cert you can relax and watch what is moving in you and what is new for your future. Let yourself be pam­pe­red and touched by the grea­test for­ce in our uni­ver­se, love, which shows its­elf in so many dif­fe­rent colors in our life. The love team accom­pa­nies you through the day. Bed and bre­ak­fast can be boo­ked on site if requi­red. You can find more about the pro­gram under Abso­lu­te Healing Day!