Construction of a herb spiral

What a hot and sun­ny sum­mer day! With a lot of fun and good mood, we crea­ted a herb spi­ral in the Pla­net Gar­den. Her­bal and medi­ci­nal plants such as lemon balm, lemon ver­be­na, sage, sweet grass, rose­ma­ry, pep­per basil, thy­me, woo­d­ruff and the first chil­li, toma­to, cucum­ber and pump­kin plants can now feel good in our litt­le oasis.

At the pic­nic with home­ma­de vegan and raw deli­caci­es, we were all able to get to know each other bet­ter and crea­te a few healing sounds tog­e­ther. The litt­le ones also had fun rom­ping around! Our „pla­net” is alrea­dy a magi­cal place with very spe­cial ener­gies.

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