Crafts and gardening in the planet garden

In bright, sun­ny wea­ther, we star­ted buil­ding our com­post toi­let today. We have com­ple­ted the shell of our future com­post toi­let from old wood scraps and a few new­ly purcha­sed squa­re tim­bers. In the second con­struc­tion pha­se, the inte­rior is com­ple­ted, con­sis­ting of a com­pos­ting toi­let with a sink and towel rack.

We also star­ted clea­ring and clea­ring some stocks of dead trees. We have crea­ted a hedge on the open space, whe­re the shel­ter for our hor­ses will also have its place.

Our herb spi­ral is alrea­dy bea­ring the first fruits, so that we were able to tas­te the spi­ci­ness of our chil­li!

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