Dusa Soulsign




Individuel Saucer with Dusa Soulsign: „Energy and Healing”

In order to live abso­lu­te truth­ful­ness, we would like to inform you first of all that you do not real­ly need this sym­bol, as well as other world­ly sup­port such as incen­se, chains, stones etc., becau­se you crea­te ever­ything with your con­scious­ness and one thought is enough. Howe­ver, if you do not feel con­fi­dent enough about this yet, you can get sup­port for it.

Energy and healing for your soul!

If you want to heal the body, you have to heal the soul first! (Pla­to) In Vanessa’s youth a new clair­voyant gift sud­den­ly appeared. When she was tal­king to her friends, cer­tain signs and sym­bols sud­den­ly appeared at dif­fe­rent moments that she could see. When her friend came to her com­ple­te­ly rela­xed, she pain­ted one of the­se signs for the first time and it tur­ned out that by lay­ing on the fin­ger the ener­gy chan­ged after a very short time and the other­wi­se exci­ted, lively friend sud­den­ly beca­me calm and rela­xed has beco­me. After a short time, many of their friends had such a sign and it was con­fir­med that each sign crea­tes the indi­vi­du­al balan­ce for the respec­ti­ve soul. Vanes­sa has always tra­v­eled a lot in the spi­ri­tu­al world and that is why her sign has brought her groun­ding and a deep ancho­ring on this pla­net. Let yourself be sur­pri­sed what chan­ges your Dusa – soul sign will bring you!

Your Dusa – soul sign for a certain healing topic!

Order a Dusa sign for a spe­ci­fic phy­si­cal or men­tal issue! To do this, sim­ply wri­te your request when orde­ring and Vanes­sa will recei­ve a mes­sa­ge for you spe­ci­fi­cal­ly on this topic!