Devine Energy Healing




Distant Healing with Vanessa Venus

Let mira­cles happen!

Whe­ther as a remo­te healing or at a per­so­nal mee­ting. In the divi­ne ener­gy healing ses­si­on, all you need to do is relax and open up to the healing that is meant for you at that moment. A preli­mi­na­ry talk can take place, but it is not abso­lute­ly necessa­ry. The source works through me on your ener­gy field and your body and I see which blo­cka­ges and ener­gies I noti­ce and let me gui­de me through the dis­so­lu­ti­on. Ever­yo­ne has a dif­fe­rent per­cep­ti­on. Some peop­le feel how they get warm, some feel the hand that goes into the body to get some­thing hea­vy out, some get very clear thoughts on a cer­tain topic in their life, which is the cau­se of their con­di­ti­on. At the end, the­re is a final eva­lua­ti­on via Sky­pe or tele­pho­ne, in which I tell you what infor­ma­ti­on and recom­men­da­ti­ons I have recei­ved for you and what I have been working on. Sin­ce ever­ything ari­ses first in the spi­rit, it can take a few weeks for the effects to show up in mat­ter and in your life. I’m hap­py for you!

Time: 60 minutes

You can find a fore­tas­te on our Pla­net of Love channel!