Absolute Healing Day

10. June 2023
Zeit: 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Loca­ti­on: MEL Hof, 14641 Wustermark

A day of renewal, strength gain and love

On this day, you are the focus and take time to cle­an­se your enti­re body sys­tem, expand your con­scious­ness and increase your love. Whe­ther alo­ne, with fri­ends, fami­ly or as a gift for one of your loved ones, this day is spe­cial and will be remembered!

Enjoy vibrant raw food deli­ca­ci­es, learn about this diet and what heal­ing powers and effects it can bring. Refuel with new ener­gy and balan­ce body, mind and spi­rit at the Spi­rit Ener­gy Move. Learn about medi­ta­ti­on, spi­ri­tu­al heal­ing, powerful ener­gy breathing tech­ni­ques and how to streng­then your own divi­ne access. At the final heal­ing chant con­cert, relax and obser­ve what is moving in you.

Let yours­elf be touch­ed by the grea­test power in our uni­ver­se, love, which shows its­elf in so many dif­fe­rent colors in our lives. The Love Team will accom­pa­ny you through the day.

The event starts at 10:00 and ends around 19:00. Admis­si­on beg­ins at 9:30 am. Plea­se bring your own yoga mat, cushion and com­for­ta­ble clot­hing. The event is limi­t­ed to a maxi­mum of 30 par­ti­ci­pan­ts. By purcha­sing the ticket, you agree to be pho­to­gra­phed and film­ed for a trai­ler during the event.
Legal noti­ce: Our offers do not replace a visit to a doc­tor or alter­na­ti­ve prac­ti­tio­ner. We do not make any dia­gno­ses and do not give any heal­ing pro­mi­ses, but sup­port you on your per­so­nal path of self-healing.

Heal­ing Food: Raw­food Brunch & Snacks

Raw food reju­ve­na­tes the body, opens up the finer per­cep­ti­ons and much more!Here you get ever­y­thing your heart desi­res in raw food form!Fresh fruit and vege­ta­ble juices, deli­cious cho­co­la­te gra­nola with almond milk and fruits, bread and cra­ckers with vanil­la cream and straw­ber­ry jam, gno­chi­es with cas­hew cream and salad or pea­nut brow­nies. Living food has a lot to offer us, it makes us shi­ne from within thanks to the high con­tent of vit­amins and mine­rals and gives us new strength.On this day you will find out the advan­ta­ges of raw food nut­ri­ti­on, how you can heal your phy­si­cal ailm­ents bit by bit with it and how your life can take on a who­le new color!

Heal­ing Move­ment: Spi­rit Ener­gy Move

Spi­rit-Ener­gy-Move is what you need, packed in moti­on. It cle­an­ses, balan­ces, char­ges you and brings you into your radi­ance. It helps you to heal as the ener­gies move towards the weak points to balan­ce and har­mo­ni­ze them. The exer­ci­s­es are recei­ved by the ins­truc­tor from the moment and pas­sed on to the cour­se par­ti­ci­pan­ts. The cour­se par­ti­ci­pan­ts recei­ve an indi­vi­du­al­ly tail­o­red trai­ning every hour, which they absorb and build up. Enjoy the time, with you, with you!

Self­he­al­ing: Heal­ing Methods for at Home

Get to know powerful self-heal­ing methods and exer­ci­s­es with which you can heal your phy­si­cal, men­tal and spi­ri­tu­al issues and learn to crea­te your life the way you real­ly want it. We are all divi­ne beings and have the abili­ty to con­nect with the source. With a litt­le prac­ti­ce and pati­ence you will beco­me your own healer!

Heal­ing Sin­ging Con­cert: A Kiss of the Universe

This will be fol­lo­wed by the evening heal­ing song con­cert with Vanes­sa Venus & Fri­ends. A magic of a sup­po­sedly unknown lan­guage, which – melo­di­cal­ly swung – opens a new space and sounds like Rus­si­an, Ita­li­an, Hebrew or anci­ent lan­guages, depen­ding on the audi­ence pre­sent. As a heal­ing medi­um with psy­chic gifts, Vanes­sa recei­ves from the moment, free­ly impro­vi­sing. In doing so, she is play­ed like an instru­ment. Sung uni­que pie­ces car­ri­ed and gui­ded by our grea­test power, love. She is accom­pa­nied by Mir­ko Fin­ger on the pia­no and Wash­kar Schnei­der on the Sun­pan and other sound instru­ments – tog­e­ther free and out of the moment. A musi­cal ener­gy smoothie that wraps its­elf like a cloak of light around your enti­re being and sets in moti­on the heal­ing that is nee­ded right now. Let your cells vibra­te and expe­ri­ence a sen­si­ti­ve heal­ing song jour­ney that is unpar­al­le­led in its depth and breadth.

Audio samples

  1. Star of Destiny (live recording) Venus & Friends 4:26
  2. I am worth it (live recording) Venus & Friends 1:13
  3. Circle of Life (live recording) Venus & Friends 2:16
  4. Relief (live recording) Malunga Malur 2:24

Map - MEL-Hof

10. June 2023
Zeit: 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Loca­ti­on: MEL Hof, 14641 Wustermark



MEL Hof, Frie­d­rich-Rumpf-Stra­­ße 30, 14641 Wustermark
Der MEL-Hof ist vom Bahn­hof Wus­ter­mark aus in weni­gen Minu­ten bequem zu errei­chen. Auto­fah­rer haben die Mög­lich­keit, ihr Fahr­zeug auf dem Park­platz zwi­schen Neu­er Bahn­hofs­stra­ße und Lade­stra­ße abzustellen.
The MEL-Hof can be rea­ched com­for­ta­b­ly from the train sta­ti­on Wus­ter­mark in a few minu­tes. Car dri­vers have the pos­si­bi­li­ty to park their vehic­le in the par­king lot bet­ween Neu­er Bahn­hofs­stra­ße and Ladestraße.

Der MEL-Hof in Wus­ter­mark beher­bergt gro­ße, licht­durch­flu­te­te Räu­me sowie einen park­ähn­li­chen Gar­ten mit altem Baum­be­stand und ver­wun­sche­nen Ecken. Der Innen­hof bie­tet Platz für bis zu 20 PKW.
The MEL-Hof in Wus­ter­mark accom­mo­da­tes lar­ge, light-floo­ded rooms as well as a park-like gar­den with old trees and enchan­ted cor­ners. The cour­ty­ard offers space for up to 20 cars.