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Light Concert – Healing Singing Journey with Vanessa Venus

Gen­re: Spi­ri­tu­al Music, Solo Singing

A Kiss of the Universe
with Healing Sin­ger Vanes­sa Venus

On this evening Vanes­sa Venus enters a spe­cial sta­te in order to recei­ve the lan­guage of the universe.

A magic of a sup­po­sed­ly unknown lan­guage that is melo­dic, opens up a new space and depen­ding on the audi­ence, sounds like Rus­si­an, Ita­li­an, Hebrew or anci­ent languages.
As a healing medi­um with clair­voyant gifts, Vanes­sa recei­ves out of the moment, free­ly impro­vi­sed. She is play­ed like an instru­ment. Sin­ged uni­que pie­ces car­ri­ed and gui­ded by our grea­test strength, love.

A musi­cal ener­gy smoot­hie that wraps its­elf around your ent­i­re being like a mant­le of light and brings the healing in moving that is nee­ded in this moment.

Let your cells vibra­te and expe­ri­ence a sen­si­ti­ve healing song jour­ney that is unpar­al­leled in its depth and breadth.

Tickets from 15 € in advan­ce sale HERE.

Time: Arround 60 minutes

On our Pla­net of Love TV chan­nel you can alrea­dy find a litt­le foretaste!