Raw Food Healing Food

Raw food kills can­cer cells and much more! Ima­gi­ne all your phy­si­cal, spi­ri­tu­al and men­tal pro­blems are sol­ved day by day, you are stron­ger, clea­rer, youn­ger and final­ly mana­ge to imple­ment your pro­jects, ide­as, visi­ons and dreams to reality.

Devine Healing

As a healing medi­um, Vanes­sa con­nects with the divi­ne source. As a child she alrea­dy has seen and heard spi­ri­tu­al bein­gs, sin­ce her youth she has fore­se­en things and as a mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal being, has lear­ned to deal with her clair­voyant, clai­rau­di­ence, clair­fee­ling and clairs­mel­ling gifts to use them for healing. She is always accom­pa­nied by her spi­rit gui­de Jesus and God, whom she has alrea­dy expe­ri­en­ced and heard several times.

Spirit Energy Move

Spi­rit-Ener­gy-Move is what you need right now – packed in moving. It clean­ses, balan­ces, char­ges you, brings you into your brigh­test shi­ning and hel­ps you to heal. The exer­ci­ses are inst­ruc­ted by the spi­ri­tu­al hel­pers, the tea­cher recei­ves them and uses them to teach the class. For this all infor­ma­ti­on he recei­ves are given to the class.

Absolute Healing Day

A bene­fits event to sup­port the „Pla­net of Love – Foun­da­ti­on”! On this day you are in focus and take time to clean­se your ent­i­re body sys­tem, expand your con­scious­ness and incre­a­se your love! Whe­ther alo­ne, with friends, fami­ly or as a gift for a loved one – this day is a spe­cial one and will be remembered!

Light Music

Malun­ga Malur’s music tou­ches the soul and opens the heart. Healing sin­ger Vanes­sa Venus and heart musi­ci­an Trent Pfis­te­rer play their music out of the moment: spon­ta­ne­ous varia­ti­ons ari­se in a soul lan­guage, accom­pa­nied by warm gui­tar sounds. Each song is uni­que – car­ri­ed by the power of love – and always reflects the pre­sent moment.

Event calendar

All dates and events at a glance: Con­certs, work­shops and much more.