Divine Healing & Healing Coaching

Devine Healing & Healing Coaching

We can create miracles every day, if we only allow it!

I greet you warm­ly and hope to be a help for your life path. In my who­le work Jesus is lea­ding me, my friend, con­fi­dan­te and tea­cher, who came to me over the years and is tea­ching me. Ill­nes­ses are blo­cked ener­gies with a cer­tain vibra­ti­on that are uncon­scious. Let us bring the uncon­scious to the sur­face that health can be lived on all levels.

Learn and expe­ri­ence: Aura and body scan, heart healing, healing of old lives, aces­tral healing, ener­gy healing, dis­so­lu­ti­on of beliefs, self-healing of body-mind-soul, soul jour­ney & medi­ta­ti­on, healing of black magic, healing chants, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on with your body & the spi­ri­tu­al world, healing food chan­ne­ling, tele­pa­thy, dis­co­vering the hig­her sen­ses & abi­li­ties, fre­quen­cy balan­cing, ele­ment healing, recei­ving hig­her know­ledge (Christ con­scious­ness) etc.

Let yourself be sur­pri­sed how your body ener­gy trans­forms into a deep space, free­dom, cla­ri­ty and love!

Divine Energy Healing – Let it happen!

Whe­ther as a remo­te healing, via Sky­pe or a per­so­nal mee­ting, in the divi­ne ener­gy healing ses­si­on, all you need to do is relax and open up to the healing that is meant for you at that moment. A talk befo­re can take place, but it is not abso­lute­ly necessa­ry. The source works through me on your ener­gy field and your body and I see which blo­cka­ges and ener­gies I noti­ce and let me gui­de through the dis­so­lu­ti­on. Ever­yo­ne has a dif­fe­rent per­cep­ti­on. Some peop­le feel how they get warm, some feel the hand that goes into the body to get some­thing hea­vy out, some get very clear thoughts on a cer­tain topic in their life, which is the cau­se of their con­di­ti­on. At the end the­re will be a final eva­lua­ti­on via Sky­pe or tele­pho­ne in which I will tell you what infor­ma­ti­on and recom­men­da­ti­ons I have recei­ved for you and what I have been working on. It can take a few weeks for the effects to show up in your life. I’m hap­py for you!

Unique Soul – Become your own Healer!

With „Uni­que Soul – Healing Coa­ching” you learn to feel and see yourself even bet­ter as an indi­vi­du­al soul and to con­scious­ly recei­ve infor­ma­ti­on from the hig­her con­scious­ness for your path and your task here on earth. I accom­pa­ny you with my gifts and we let the spi­ri­tu­al world gui­de us. Whe­ther spe­ci­fi­cal­ly for a phy­si­cal con­cern or sim­ply to crea­te an even more har­mo­nious, more power­ful life and to enlar­ge your light, you will be able to under­stand your body sys­tem and your life even bet­ter and see for yourself why you are in the cur­rent sta­te. Once the cau­se is iden­ti­fied, healing and growth can occur. For this we can pro­ceed ener­ge­ti­cal­ly, scan your aura and your ener­gy sys­tem to see whe­re your issu­es are, which block your life ener­gy, and dis­sol­ve them with the help of hig­her con­scious­ness! Sin­ce the spi­ri­tu­al field is very lar­ge, we can also have various other approa­ches. Every soul needs an indi­vi­du­al approach. Let yourself be surprised!

Vanes­sa Venus has been high­ly sen­si­ti­ve sin­ce she was a child and com­mu­ni­ca­tes with the source as a mul­ti­di­men­sio­nal being. With her clair­voyant, clai­rau­di­ence, clair­fee­ling and clairs­mel­ling gifts, she is acti­ve as a healing sin­ger & healing medi­um, Spi­rit-Ener­gy-Move-Trai­ner, raw food con­sul­tant and Pla­net of Love foun­der. In kee­ping with her mot­to in life „What would love do?” Her con­cern is to give peop­le healing, inspi­ra­ti­on and enligh­ten­ment in the form of a hig­her con­scious­ness and to build up the healing pro­ject „Pla­net of Love” recei­ved by a devi­ne vision.

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