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Soul Language

Soul Language

Communication with your soul

Soul lan­guage is the uni­ver­sal lan­guage of humans: it ari­ses from a level of being, away from the world as we ima­gi­ne it with thoughts. The nor­mal mind lan­guages are based on the per­cei­ved out­side world, whe­re­as the soul lan­guage is roo­ted from wit­hin. The mind lan­guages are alrea­dy pro­gram­med with asso­cia­ted mea­nings and fee­lings, which can also crea­te misun­derstan­dings. The soul lan­guage is free from pre­con­cei­ved ide­as, and allows us the pos­si­bi­li­ty to go to a hig­her fre­quen­cy bey­ond the nor­mal mind set.

Soul lan­guage has an arche­typ­al struc­tu­re and this level is bey­ond cul­tures and reli­gi­ons. It is the lan­guage from your true divi­ne core, your true self, your ori­gi­nal source. It is also a lan­guage with an enchan­ting sound: whoever lis­tens to it can redis­co­ver them­sel­ves in a sur­pri­sing way.

Get­ting in touch with the soul lan­guage can also mean expe­ri­en­cing very uplif­ting and inten­se fee­lings. Healing and lear­ning pro­ces­ses can be star­ted on a sub­con­scious level too. Out of this con­ta­ct with the soul lan­guage, many dif­fe­rent are­as of people´s lives can be developed.

Soul lan­guage is a pure­ly intui­ti­ve lan­guage, out of the moment, without acti­vi­ty of the mind – it is the lan­guage of the heart. It brings the com­ple­te under­stan­ding from the heart, becau­se as the „ori­gi­nal lan­guage” it crea­tes a con­nec­tion to the source – to unity and who­leness. Who lis­tens to the soul lan­guage is remin­ded once again to be con­nec­ted with all on a level of beingness.