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Rawfood - Healingfood

Raw Food - Healing Food

You are what you eat!

Raw food kills can­cer cells and much more! Ima­gi­ne all your phy­si­cal, men­tal and emo­tio­nal pro­blems resol­ve them­sel­ves from day to day, you beco­me stron­ger, clea­rer, youn­ger and final­ly mana­ge to turn your plans, visi­ons and dreams into rea­li­ty. Vanes­sa was allo­wed to have the­se expe­ri­en­ces. Becau­se of phy­si­cal pro­blems, she had to deal more and more with her body and obser­ve what clou­ded her mood and what illu­mi­na­tes her, with what solu­ti­on her sym­ptoms of ill­ness disap­pe­ar and when they reap­pe­ar, and in the pro­cess she recei­ved a lot of valu­able know­ledge from the source. Over the years she has deve­lo­ped from a meat eater, to a vege­ta­ri­an, from a vege­ta­ri­an to a vegan and final­ly from a vegan to a raw food diet. Not­hing fasci­na­ted and touched her as much as the living food. After her first week of one hund­red per­cent raw food diet, she was that ener­ge­tic, full of hap­pi­ness and unstopp­a­ble with strength. It quick­ly beca­me clear to her that this had to be the right way and wat­ched how her ent­i­re life chan­ged step by step. Vanes­sa is someo­ne who always exami­nes ever­ything very care­ful­ly and has to be abso­lute­ly sure that the fee­ling is not going in the wrong direc­tion, she swit­ched back to coo­ked food after 2 years of raw food. She wan­ted to see whe­ther she was real­ly right with what she proud­ly brought into the world. After a very short time, all sym­ptoms of body pro­blems got worse and came back and on top of that she lost her own cla­ri­ty, asser­ti­ve­ness and the fee­ling of being able to trust her own per­cep­ti­on, which had always gui­ded her very well until then. After a second con­ver­si­on pro­cess, she knew that she was being led to living food for a rea­son. Food com­bi­na­ti­on is also abso­lute­ly important with this type of diet!

More raw food inspi­ra­ti­on and medi­ci­nal food reci­pes you can find on our „Pla­net of Love TV”. Here Vanes­sa also exp­lains why a vegan and  living raw food diet is the grea­test help on the way to abso­lu­te cla­ri­ty and spi­ri­tu­al enlightenment.


Here is one of our favo­ri­te bre­ak­fasts with valu­able superfoods:

You have:

  • 1 litt­le bowl red ber­ries, we love raspberries
  • 2 – 3 bananas
  • 2 tablespoon lin­seeds or chia seeds (Ome­ga-3-fat­ty acids)
  • 1 big sip coco­nut­milk, a bit water or coconutwater
  • 1 litt­le pie­ce ingwer
  • a bit cinnamon
  • dates, coco­nut flakes or other goo­dies as the topping

Mix all ingre­dients in your smoot­hie mixer for a few minu­tes until you have a smooth mass, put it in your bowl, play a bit with your top­pings to deco­ra­te your bowl as beau­ti­ful you can et Voila!

Expe­ri­en­ced advantages:

Clea­rer skin, thi­c­ker hair, bet­ter diges­ti­on, a more rela­xed jaw, free ener­gy chan­nels for an expan­ded per­cep­ti­on, fee­lings of hap­pi­ness that feel like natu­ral sti­mu­lants and the abi­li­ty to heal teeth mys­elf are just a few of the expe­ri­en­ces I have had with the medi­ci­nal diet. Your body gets more vit­amins and mine­rals to heal and streng­t­hen its­elf and has more ener­gy avail­ab­le becau­se it needs less ener­gy for diges­ting chan­ged food. In addi­ti­on, I think all raw food peop­le have spar­k­ling eyes and look 10 – 20 years youn­ger. But raved enough….

Whe­ther to detox or just try it out. Your ent­i­re body sys­tem will benefit!