Love Team - Vanessa Venus

Vanessa Venus

Visionary, Clairvoyant Healing Singer & Healing Medium, Spirit-Energy-Move-Founder, Raw Food Consultant

As the foun­der, Vanes­sa is the heart of the pro­ject and the dri­ving for­ce. Vanes­sa has her fin­gers in the pie ever­y­whe­re, keeps the over­view and ensu­res that the clear Love ener­gy is main­tai­ned. Vanes­sa has high sen­ses and clair­voyant abi­li­ties. As a hea­ler and healing sin­ger she hel­ps other peop­le to achie­ve health, well-being, vita­li­ty, joy of life and inner peace. During her pre­sence and work she con­nects with God, the hig­her self and the uni­ver­sal and stron­gest power, the love.

Divine gifts

As a child Vanes­sa alrea­dy com­mu­ni­ca­ted with the divi­ne source. Later she rea­li­zed that she recei­ved cer­tain abi­li­ties nd gifts: she could read other peo­p­les thoughts, feel other people’s pain, saw spi­ri­tu­al bein­gs, recei­ved dreams, images and visi­ons from the future and infor­ma­ti­on about peop­le she did not know befo­re. Over the time, she lear­ned to com­mu­ni­ca­te with ani­mals, plants, as well with spi­rits, angels and saints, of whom she owed her knowledge.

During various tea­chings and trai­nings like Anthro­po­so­phy, Bud­dhism, Rei­ki, Yoga, Natur­o­pa­thy, body­work, Ani­mal-Assis­ted The­ra­py and Shama­nism, she beca­me incre­a­singly awa­re that at the moment of healing she was being gui­ded and led by a hig­her power – the divi­ne, uni­ver­sal con­scious­ness. Vanessa’s mot­to in life is „What would love do?” This ques­ti­on is the basis in all her decisi­ons and actions.

The healing art of singing

Sin­ging has accom­pa­nied Vanes­sa from the very begin­ning. Sin­ce her ear­ly child­hood she sang and recor­ded songs, wro­te lyrics, recei­ved clas­si­cal sin­ging les­sons and later foun­ded her own bands to be able to work as a singer.
Later she was enligh­te­ned with help of her healing path and dis­co­ve­r­ed a who­le new way of sin­ging self-free. Through anthro­po­so­phi­cal healing chan­ting tech­ni­ques, she lear­ned what it is like to be sung by the divi­ne con­scious­ness without any invol­ve­ment of her own. She saw how she alrea­dy worked with her sin­ging in other lives and that she was born into this world in order to touch peop­le deeply with her sin­ging, to heal, to enligh­ten and to rai­se the ent­i­re vibra­ti­on of the planet.