Spirit Energy Move

Spirit-Energy-Move – Heilende Bewegung

What star­ted with bal­let dance, jazz dance, art cycling, ath­le­tics and yoga has beco­me a very own con­scious phy­si­cal fit­ness over the years. As a yoga tea­cher, I have taught adults and child­ren and felt more and more uncom­for­ta­ble over time. I felt like I was here for some­thing else. So it was. Over the years I kept get­ting the term „Spi­rit Ener­gy Move” in my head. Sin­ce I am a medi­um and com­mu­ni­ca­te with my spi­ri­tu­al hel­pers, main­ly Jesus, I asked the big ques­ti­on at some point.

What is „Spi­rit Ener­gy Move”? In respon­se, I recei­ved: What you need right now is packed in moti­on. It cleans, balan­ces, char­ges you and makes you shi­ne. It hel­ps with healing becau­se the ener­gies move to the weak points in order to balan­ce and har­mo­ni­ze them. The exer­ci­ses are gui­ded by the spi­ri­tu­al hel­pers, the tea­cher recei­ves them and uses them to set up the cour­se. In doing so, it pas­ses on all the infor­ma­ti­on it recei­ves. The class par­ti­ci­pants recei­ve an indi­vi­du­al­ly tailo­red trai­ning every hour, which picks them up and builds them up.

Zu Hause mit „Planet of Love TV”

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Life by „Absolute Healing Day”

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