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Malunga Malur – May the love be with you!

Pla­net of Love” is a healing­pro­ject for the world recei­ved by a visi­on from clair­voyant healings­in­ger Vanes­sa Venus. Her mis­si­on is to rea­li­se this with help of a team and to built up pla­ces whe­re humans and ani­mals live tog­e­ther in peace and love like in para­di­se. A place of pure love and the begin­ning of the new light era! For the rea­liz­a­ti­on the „Pla­net of Love ‑Foun­da­ti­on” is plan­ned. Many thanks go to the sup­por­ters and donors!

Here you can find out more about the pro­ject and our offers! With your help you help us to crea­te the first „Pla­net of Love”. Feel warm­ly wel­co­me to beco­me a part of the Love com­mu­ni­ty! We look for­ward to you!

Planet of Love TV

Vis­tit our You­Tube Chan­nel and learn inter­es­s­t­ing facts about Living Healing-Food, Spi­rit-Ener­gy-Move, Light­mu­sic, Devi­ne Selfhe­aling and a life in balan­ce with nature!

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Absolute Healing Day

On this day you stand in focus to expand your con­scious­ness and your love!  This day is some­thing spe­cial and will be rememered!