Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Pla­net of Love deals respon­si­b­ly with per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on. We want our visi­tors to know when which data is collec­ted and used by us. We have taken tech­ni­cal and orga­ni­za­tio­nal mea­su­res to ensu­re that the rules on data pro­tec­tion are respec­ted both by us and by our exter­nal ser­vice pro­vi­ders.

Personal data

The use of our web pages is basi­cal­ly pos­si­ble wit­hout dis­clo­sure of per­so­nal data. Per­so­nal infor­ma­ti­on is infor­ma­ti­on (such as name, address, mai­ling address and tele­pho­ne num­ber) that can be used to dis­co­ver the iden­ti­ty of our users. Infor­ma­ti­on that is not asso­cia­ted with iden­ti­ty (e.g., num­ber of users of a web­site) is not inclu­ded.

Data collection and data storage

If you send us a mes­sa­ge via con­tact form or e‑mail, your data will be used for the cor­re­spon­dence with you. If we recei­ve a mes­sa­ge via the con­tact form or an e‑mail from you, we assu­me that we are ent­it­led to reply by e‑mail. Other­wi­se, you must expli­citly point out to us ano­t­her way of com­mu­ni­ca­ting. The con­tent of the con­tact form is trans­mit­ted via an encryp­ted https con­nec­tion. Com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on via e‑mail can have secu­ri­ty gaps. For examp­le, e‑mails can be stop­ped and view­ed en rou­te to us by expe­ri­en­ced Inter­net users.

When using a con­tact form, Pla­net of Love will be sent the IP address of the sen­der in addi­ti­on to the con­tents of the data fields. This is basi­cal­ly done when sen­ding a con­ven­tio­nal e‑mail. Use of the IP address takes place exclu­si­ve­ly in the con­text of sta­te law enforce­ment and secu­ri­ty mea­su­res in com­pli­an­ce with the legal requi­re­ments.

Transfer of personal data to third parties

Data collec­ted while acces­sing our web­site will only be dis­c­lo­sed to third par­ties if we are requi­red by law or by court order to sub­mit it, or if dis­clo­sure is requi­red in case of attacks on the Inter­net infra­st­ruc­tu­re for legal or cri­mi­nal pro­se­cu­ti­on. A trans­fer for other non-com­mer­ci­al or com­mer­ci­al pur­po­ses is not.

In the case of orde­ring infor­ma­ti­on mate­ri­al, per­so­nal data ent­e­red will only be used wit­hin Pla­net of Love and the com­pa­ny respon­si­ble for the ship­ment. Wit­hout expli­cit con­sent, no dis­clo­sure to third par­ties.

Changes to the privacy policy

In the cour­se of the (tech­no­lo­gi­cal) fur­ther deve­lop­ment of our web­site, chan­ges to this pri­va­cy poli­cy may beco­me necessa­ry. The­re­fo­re, it is recom­men­ded that you read this pri­va­cy poli­cy from time to time.