Clairvoyant Room Clearing

1 Room (about 1 hour) 155,00 EUR
Each addi­tio­nal room 133,00 EUR

You can’t sleep well in your bed­room, no mat­ter whe­re you put the bed? You always have argu­ments with your part­ner in the same room? You always feel depres­sed and tired in your flat and can’t real­ly get out? You are ner­vous and rest­less at home and can’t relax? The effect of an ener­ge­ti­cal­ly „occu­p­ied” or „pol­lu­ted” room can be very dif­fe­rent. As dif­fe­rent as the ener­ge­tic occu­pa­ti­ons of your home. They always have a gre­at impact on us and can nega­tively influence and block our enti­re life. During the clair­voy­ant room clea­ning I scan your room com­ple­te­ly, go through with you what is in which cor­ner and dis­sol­ve it. You will noti­ce a big chan­ge in the same moment and imme­dia­te­ly feel more com­for­ta­ble in your space. At the end I install a light field ener­gy so that new low vibra­tio­nal ener­gies can­not attach and accu­mu­la­te so quickly.

Ener­ge­tic clair­voy­ant room clea­ning includes:

  • Cle­an­sing of for­eign ener­gies, enti­ties and pro­gramming that are stored in rooms.
  • Dis­so­lu­ti­on and heal­ing of per­so­nal issues in con­nec­tion with the respec­ti­ve rooms
  • Instal­la­ti­on of light field energy

Booking and Zoom

Booking and appointment

The offer takes place via zoom video call and in indi­vi­du­al cases on site. When boo­king your appoint­ment, plea­se sug­gest at least 2 desi­red dates. After boo­king, you will recei­ve con­fir­ma­ti­on of your desi­red date. For this appoint­ment you will recei­ve a zoom link to your e‑mail address. Sim­ply click on the link to start the call (you may need to install the Zoom cli­ent first). If Zoom is not pos­si­ble for you, plea­se let us know and we will find ano­ther possibility.